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British Made Membranes

For a number of years Membrane Keypads and Overlays have been purchased outside of the UK...

Hot Buys at Customark Oxford

From all of our investments this year, the flaming machine at our Oxford branch is one of the most interesting yet...

A New Rewinder For Customark West Midlands

After recent investments at our other sites over the past few months, we thought it was our turn in the West Midlands!

Yet More Technical Investment At Customark Calne

We are pleased to announce additional investments of a Quadra DVC EVO machine at our technical site in Calne, Wiltshire

Customark in major Laser Investment

Customark has taken on a raft of new laser engraving equipment and will install more new kit over the coming weeks.

Planet-Friendly labelling

Are you considering the planet when you're purchasing your labels, point of sale or printed products? Should you be?

Social distancing stickers and covid-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing stickers have helped pave the way throughout various businesses such as supermarkets, pubs and restaurants. Social distancing stickers have been an evolving product and have helped us all get used to the restrictions put into place by the government.

In mould decoration - is it for you?

In Mould Decoration or IMD has been around for a long time now. It was almost exclusively the realm of mobile phone lenses and keypads in the late 90s. Film, ink and moulding technology has moved on significantly over the years.

Printed electronics - what is it and how can it help you as a business?

Reputed to be worth $73 billion USD by 2025, the Printed Electronics market is growing exponentially. Printed Electronics have been used in product design for decades and the impact of PE on everyday product design has been enormous. As an example, every smartphone uses this technology as it is instrumental in the smart compact designs and incredible functionality.

The inner workings of pad printing and the advantages it has. is it any different to screen printing?

What is Tampo Printing? Tampo Printing, also known as Pad Printing, is a process that transfers a 2D image onto a 3D object. It is mostly used to print on to more difficult products in an array of different industries which include but aren't limited to medical, automotive, electronic and promotional. It can also used to deposit purposeful materials like conductive inks, adhesive, dyes and lubricants.

All you need to know about domed labels!

We have found that Domed Labelling has become a popular brand/products labelling technique across a vast range of industries; this is because of the plenitude of benefits these labels have for all kind of environments. If you are on the fence regarding using Domed Labels, also known as Gel Badges, this blog post that we have put together will help explain all that you need to know.

Customark and its new dantex pico colour digital reel to reel press.

Customark Ltd was founded in 1968 and since then we have grown to be one of the UK's most diverse industrial printing and graphic businesses. In 2017 we completed an investment of £465,000 throughout our sites, which included a new EFI management information system, building a new equipment. To further cement our position as one of the most diverse graphic and labelling businesses, 2019 has seen another great investment totalling to £350,000.

The difference between graphic overlays & membrane keypads

Being in the printing business for many years we know how confusing some of the technical 'babble' can be. Here's a blog about Graphic Overlays and Membrane Keypads where we've cut out the unnecessary technical jargon and condensed it down to a user-friendly explanation.

Is print really dead?

If you work in any sector of the print industry; including labels, leaflets or banners, you would have heard this bold statement many times..."Print is dead". Many people do believe that print has died a very sudden death. There's no wonder why the popularity of emails, social media and TV marketing is increasing daily; but would you believe us if we told you that they're wrong?

Stuck on what marketing strategy to try next? could a childhood favourite be the answer?

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word 'stciker'? Child craft book by any chance? You see, there's a lot more to stickers than low-quality printed cartoon characters and the obvious sign of removing (and failing) a princess sticker from your living room door when your child has been left alone with them for only a second too long. Often overlooked, stickers are a cheap and perfect way to get your brand out there for potential customers to see. In this post, we will highlight the benefit of using stickers as well as how to use them efficiently!

Handy tips for sending perfect artwork to print

From pencil sketches on scrap pieces of paper to beautiful illustrations created on complex software, it's safe to say we've seen it all. With over 45 years in the print industry we've got simple, non-complicated answers to your artwork related questions.

Straight to the point with the perfect point of sale!

Influencing a customer's decision to purchase is very important, so getting your POS and POP right is extremely crucial.What does POS mean? POS stands for Point of Sale, also known as the areas around checkouts and counters. In the advertising industry, POS is also used to describe printed advertisements that will be seen by potential customers.

What are sensory floor stickers?

Sensory Floor Stickers are taking the world by storm. With a fun spin on education, there's no wonder why! Kinaesthetic learning, also known as tactile learning, is a teaching style that means learning is accompanied by physical activity, rather than sitting down at a desk or looking at a chalkboard. For example, having a hopscotch with numbers from 1 to 10 lets them have fun, learn to follow instructions, learn numbers as well as what order they're in and also do physical exercise. This is where Sensory Floor Stickers come in.

Is there still a place for traditional print in the digital age?

There is no denying that we now live in a digital orientated world; from the latest smart phone to industrial robots in the automotive sector, it has managed to appear throughout our day to day lives. Digital print has become a gigantic sector of the print industry and with how far technology has come there's no wonder why; but is traditional print like hotfoil, flexographic print, screen printing and pad printing still in demand?

Get the best wobble out of your shelf wobblers

Shelf wobblers are a fun, inexpensive way of promoting a message or campaign to your target customers. Our standard wobblers come fully assembled with a 200mm self-adhesive arm attached. But, did you know there are a number of other wobbler arm options available? Depending on the wobbler size and use, some of out more unique shelf wobbler arms may be more effective in helping your promotion stand out.

Which barcode asset labels are right for your business?

Using asset labels is a perfect way of tracking varying assets within your company. From recognising the assets that require frequent repairs, to giving you peace of mind that your property is secure, asset label labels provide low cost technology for data collection. Customark offer a catalogue of standard asset label designs which can be supplied on tolls or sheets, in a variety of materials and styles.

Where did screen printing stem from?

it has been found that screen printing techniques have been around since the start. During the Song Dynasty era in 960 AD, early artists have been using the screen printing methods; however, stencilling in its earliest form has been found in caves that date back to the prehistoric period. Several tools, materials and techniques are essential to create the diverse and interesting visual results that we see today. Now, artists, uniformed services and printing professionals use the screen printing method to create labels, posters, stencil graffiti, t-shirts and signs.

The do's and don'ts of font

When it comes to your labels, window stickers or your floor stickers you want to make sure that they get your specific message across. When choosing typography you want to make sure that they are legible, noticeable and complement the design perfectly; here are a few handy tips from us at Customark.

Do you really understand PAT testing?

What does PAT mean? Is it important? Portable appliance testing, also known as PAT, is the examination of electrical equipment and appliances to guarantee that they are safe to use. Visual inspections will find most faults but a few types of defects can only be found by testing. As important as actual testing is, it is also essential to know that visual examinations are just as important as there are faults that cannot be found by testing alone.

Why switch to capacitive touch keypads?

Here at Customark, for some years now, we have been designing and manufacturing Capacitive Touch Keypads and we are finding it to be a developing market, this is due to them being an alternative to traditional interfaces like Membrane Keypads. The production of a flexible Capacitive Keypad is less complicated than a Membrane Keypad therefore the end result is more cost effective. The rely on detection of sensitivity in pressure rather than a simple open/closed membrane switch with a traditional keypad.


As one of the UK's leading print specialists, we understand that colours play a fundamental part in successful marketing campaigns, typically down to the way colours can evoke consumer emotions. Most marketers and graphic designers will use this as a tool to tailor product packaging & campaign promotions to achieve optimum engagement with their target customers, thus motivating purchases.

Creative thinking, creative learning, creative classroom

A creative learning environment makes for a happy learning environment. We offer a large selection of children's floor stickers, offering you the opportunity to add an artistic touch to your classroom, corridors and even outdoor areas.

The perfect point of sale sign?

Shelf Talkers are extremely effective in point of sale promotions; often used when advertising products seen in: Supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware and telecommunications shops, fridges in cafes, shops and bars. Often over looked and under estimated; here are 3 reasons why we believe shelf wobblers are the perfect point of sale products.

Floor graphics as p.o.s

Today customers are bombarded with companies competing for attention; typically done though decorating walls, windows and shelves with eye catching advertisements. But could the future be looking down?

The versatility of vinyl

Vinyl offers endless possibilities, the list of uses is a long and bright one! Appearing as the perfect material, with manufactures continuously improving vinyl allowing the ability to be used on multiple surfaces: including outside floors, glass windows and brick walls.